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Welcome to my blog!  I write, style, develop recipes and photograph all content on the site. Stemming from an early childhood obsession with the Food Network and passion for food, I decided it was time to create a food blog. I love creating simple and seasonal dishes. Most of my recipes are adaptable, meaning that you can substitute and/or alter the amount of ingredients to your liking. I believe food should be fun and not intimidating — and that everyone has a cook within themselves!

Also, I am editor of Eat Your Compost feed over at the Feed Feed! I am so excited about this. I am very passionate about no-waste cooking and finding ways to reduce waste in the kitchen. Eat your Compost is a feed exploring the ways we can salvage trimmings, use leftovers, and turn scraps into meals! Read more about it and check it out here.

Want to work together? Fill out the contact form here and I'll be sure to get back to you soon! For any updates or to receive new posts, follow me on Bloglovin!.

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